Using a combination of color and contrast, the Rabin Cone Contrast test is a quantifiable measure of color vision, allowing detection of both hereditary and acquired color vision loss.

What sets the Rabin Cone Contrast Test apart is that it tests more than a confusion between red and green. The cones in your eye determine how you perceive the color and RCCT explains how well these cones are operating.

The test presents colors that only use one of your three cone types and shows the color progressively fainter to individually score how the cones are functioning.

The Rabin Cone Test is a revolutionary new color vision test.


With routine Cone Contrast Testing, early detection may prevent permanent damage normally associated with these leading eye diseases.


Approved by the Surgeon General as the Gold Standard for color vision testing for the US Air Force, Innova’s CCT uses cone sensitivity threshold testing to accurately detect shifts that may indicate the onset of eye disease.

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Unlike other color vision tests, the Rabin Cone Contrast Test measures the severity of cone function loss, and tracks cone function over time, aiding in detection of disease as well as monitoring disease progression and efficacy of treatment.


For example, if you have Dry AMD, the cones in your eye degenerate.  The Rabin Cone Contrast Test allows us to see how much damage AMD has done to your eye or determine the stage of the disease.


What is Dry AMD?

It is estimated that 6 million people in the US alone are affected by Age-Related Macular Degeneration

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Fast and easy to administer, the Rabin Cone Contrast Test is ideal for the ophthalmic lane or screening room.


Rigorous Standards

Developed in cooperation with the US Air Force, the Rabin Cone Contrast Test has passed the most rigorous standards.


More than 400 in Use

Approved by the US Air Force, Navy and FAA and more than 400 in use world-wide.


Fifteen years of research

Tight calibration standards

Validation against the anomaloscope


Yields a test that is reliable and repeatable.